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Dianne Buckner

Host, CBC TV's Dragons' Den. CBC Business broadcaster Radio, TV and Online. Business. Entrepreneurship.

Fee Range: $5,001 to $9,999


Supremely confident on stage. Articulate, straight-forward and funny.


Dianne Buckner is best-known to Canadians as the host of CBC Television's hit reality program "Dragon's Den", where eager entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a group of self-made Canadian millionaire investors.  Other viewers may remember her 10 years as the host of "Venture", the successful and long-running CBC series that chronicled the adventures of entrepreneurs.

When Venture retired from the airwaves in 2007, Ms Buckner co-created a new show, "Fortune Hunters" for CBC's news network.  It ran for two seasons, focusing on the social and consumer trends that create opportunities for entrepreneurs.

In addition to her role on Dragons' Den, Dianne is a member of the Business Team at CBC News.  She writes a weekly column about small business for - the number one site for news in Canada.  She also appears regularly on CBC's local supper-hour newscasts across the country, reporting on the top business stories of the day.

In the course of her work, Dianne has spoken with prime ministers, celebrity CEOs such as jack Welch and super investor Warren Buffet, and has traveled extensively to countries such as japan, Australia, the Netherlands and Iceland in pursuit of stories for CBC viewers.  Her perspective on the world, and on the world of business, is unique.

Client Comments

"Dianne was an absolute delight to work with prior to the event, during, and even after the evening's formal agenda was complete. She was keen to understand our group's mandate and modified her remarks to make them as relevant to our crowd of 400 as possible. Dianne was supremely confident onstage, made several on-the-fly adjustments to her comments based on speaker content and drew things to a close right on cue. Dianne is an excellent speaker whom I would recommend without hesitation." - Co-Founder & CEO,

“Dianne was a pleasure to have in our midst, graciously handled many questions from the audience and truly projects a solid understanding of entrepreneur's attributes and challenges. Dianne was the perfect choice of speaker for our audience of small business owners and entrepreneurs.” - Planning & Economic Development Department


  • The Art of the Pitch
    • Maybe you're applying for a new job, or a promotion. Perhaps it's money you need, from a bank or an investor, to expand a growing business. Or maybe you're trying to forge a new relationship with a supplier or distributor. In all of those situations, you may need to make a pitch.

      We're 'pitching' whenever we try to get someone to buy into our ideas, or get them to take the actions we want to see. We all need to get other people on-side to fulfill our ambitions, both in business and in our personal lives.

      Dianne Buckner is an expert on pitches. As host of CBC Television's popular Dragons' Den program, she's watched hundreds of them. Some result in big money deals between cash-hungry entrepreneurs and the well-connected Dragons - others get scorched by the Dragons! As well in her 10 years as host of Venture, Dianne witnessed business people make a wide variety of pitches.

      In this entertaining presentation Dianne shares what she's observed about those who are successful, and those who aren't. Featuring video excerpts from her television programs, participants will come away with new skills for getting their way – at work and at home.

  • Business and the Media: A User's Guide
    • Publicity can work wonders for a business. It can be better than advertising! Not only is it free, but it can create credibility; people know that companies pay for advertising, but if a business is written up in the paper, or featured on radio or television, it's clear that the business has been deemed worthy of interest and coverage by an independent media outlet.

      But how to get the attention of over-worked, hyper-critical reporters and editors?

      Dianne Buckner has worked in television and print for over 20 years. Currently host of the popular Dragons' Den series, and an anchor on
      CBC Newsworld, she has reported on hundreds of stories, here and in the U.S. and abroad.

      With humour and insight, Dianne shares the view from inside the media. Business people will learn how story meetings work, strategies for pitching a story, how to choose an angle, and the various priorities of different types of media.


  • Dianne's Top Ten Business Tips
    • Now more than ever, the business world is a demanding and dynamic place to try and succeed. A business journalist with almost 20 years of experience, Dragons' Den host Dianne Buckner has watched closely as some people have struck it rich, while others have struggled and ultimately failed.

      In this comprehensive and compelling presentation, Dianne counts down her Top Ten Tips, based on her observations of hundreds of business people, both big and small. Using video excerpts from both Dragons' Den and Venture, which she hosted for 10 years, Dianne uses case studies to illustrate her tips.

      From finance, to human resource issues; from marketing to common mistakes, Dianne takes the audience through a wide range of challenges, pointing out what factors make the biggest impact on success.


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